About us

The evolution of wireless and fixed telecommunications technologies over the last 20+ years is widely credited to the transformation on how people communicate and interact with each other, how business people conduct business, how businesses across all sectors private and government institutions are able to optimize business processes by increasing revenues and decreasing costs by implementing various financial and operational initiatives through the innovative and evolving technologies that is available today.

Ubuhle Telecoms is a 100% black owned company founded on the principles of excellent customer service by offering our CUSTOMERS end-to-end mobile and fixed telecommunication products, services and solutions with the view of meeting our CUSTOMERS HOME and BUSINESS voice and data telephony requirements.

The management and staff of Ubuhle Telecoms understands the various telecommunications technologies and how it can contribute to the LIFESTYLE needs and requirements of our Consumer Customers and the Solutions needs and requirements of our Business Customers by offering and reselling the products and services of the various Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators and Tier 2 Service Providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to listen to our customers and to continuously research and offer our customers the best possible product, service and solutions at the best price without compromising the quality of service.

Our Vision

Ubuhle Telecom’s vision is to offer our customers the products, services and solutions that they have asked for in order to meet their business or personal needs.