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What is Fibre?


  • Fibre is the ultimate broadband technology
  • It uses pulses of light through an optical fibre to deliver information at ridiculously fast speeds.
  • With Telkom fibre, your broadband experience will be nothing short of exhilarating.

Why Telkom Fibre?


Telkom is considered the preferred service provider for fibre and internet connectivity.


  • Telkom fibre boast internet speeds up to 100Mbps.
  • Fibre has lower latency, meaning no noticeable information-exchange delays, which is particularly useful in communication technologies.
  • Fibre networks are not affected by electrical interference, making communication clearer and more reliable.
  • Physical restrictions will not affect fibre access and speed, no matter how far you are located from the central switching points.
  • As signal isn’t lost over longer distances, fibre is able to carry larger information loads.
  • Fibre is much safer than copper, because it uses light pulses instead of electrical currents that create heat and can be fire hazard.
  • Fibre is considered a “once in a generation” investment, and users will not experience downtime because of theft.

Check if you have Telkom Fibre Coverage

Check if you have Telkom Fibre Coverage Choose your unlimited Telkom Business Fibre Package

Fibre Benefits


  1. UNCAPPED Data
  2. FREE Unlimited Telkom Fixed Line to Telkom Fixed Line
    → FUP 1,000 Minutes
  3. FREE Unlimited Telkom Fixed Line to Telkom Mobile
    → FUP 1,000 Minutes
  4. 79c per minute to 12 international fixed line destinations
  5. 50c per minute to other mobile operators – (per second billing)
  6. FREE CallAnswer, WaitingCall and IdentiCall
  7. FREE Modem with WiFi and 3G capability
  8. FREE Mobile Data
    → 4Mbps = 1GB Free Data
    → 8Mbps = 2GB Free Data
    → 10Mbps = 2GB Free Data
    → 20Mbps = 3GB Free Data
    → 40Mbps = 3GB Free Data
    → 100Mbps = 3GB Free Data

NB! Standard Telkom Terms and Conditions Apply