About Vox
Vox is a market leading end-to-end integrated ICT and infrastructure provider and telecommunications company, and one of the largest black-owned telcos in South Africa.

The company has an enviable track record of meeting the needs of thousands of consumers, SMEs, large corporates, and public sector organisations. Thanks to its dedicated staff of more than 1 500 people – and several hundred business partners countrywide – Vox sets the benchmark for service delivery by connecting people through best-of-breed technology.

The central hub of Vox’s customer support operations is the Vox Service Centre (VTSC). It is a 24/7/365 operation that acts as the first point of contact for their business and consumer customers.

Their teams are situated in 13 strategically positioned locations across the country, and their telco network extends throughout SA, with complete redundancy on submarine cables along both the East and West coasts, as well as dual PoPs in London, and multiple presences in the Teraco environment.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

The people of South Africa deserve great broadband – and Vox is committed to providing it. Upload and download in seconds, stream instantly, say goodbye to buffering for good, and hello to an endless connection.

Vox Fibre is not only cost-effective, but superior to every other connection on the market. Offering everything from simple, dedicated 1:1 services, to inter-branch connectivity between multiple locations – their FTTH packages have been specially designed to give you the best value for money, whilst simultaneously meeting your need for speed.

Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

To stay relevant and competitive, your business needs fast, reliable and secure fibre: the future of digital data communication in South Africa. Vox Fibre opens the door to this new generation of connectivity.

Their end-to-end fibre optic connection over an established, high-speed network (from 10Mbps to 10Gbps), allows you to bring data, voice, video and IP-based products together into a converged solution for your business.

The Vox network is supported by an established, superior national and international backbone with full redundancy. Vox Fibre is provided as a dedicated gigabit fibre connection, allowing you to start with the basics and scale up as your business grows.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)


Vox Fibre Retail Bundle

Ideal for the retail space or small businesses, these bundles offer a reliable and affordable internet and voice services solution. They consist of high-speed asymmetrical fibre connectivity, low contention ratios, uncapped broadband internet, and inclusive and optional hosted PBX and voice services.

Business Broadband Bundles

High-speed and a reliable internet connection is critical to a small-to-medium business’ evolving needs – and Business Broadband delivers just that. Coming in uncapped and capped high-speed options, the broadband bundles include a selection of beneficial value-added services, various SLA options, and other product-enhancing features.

Dedicated Services

An uncontended, dedicated option that hosts all the services and applications offered by Vox – their Dedicated Service solution is the ideal platform for a converged service. You can create multiple, secure virtual circuits over a single connection, and maximise the available capacity of your fibre link.


Raining efficiency, Vox’s LTE Advanced (LTE-A) is an extremely fast connection that gives you unsurpassed upload and download speeds. Connecting your home or organisation – with no compromise on speed or latency – LTE-A is considered one of the most efficient ways to connect – for even the most demanding users and applications. Now you can enjoy the advantages of faster, better and more consistent data transfer rates.



Each one of Vox’s voice solutions can be customised to meet the unique demands of your home or organisation, allowing you to talk to whomever, whenever, wherever. Based on your needs, Vox offers a host of voice solutions:


  • Vox’s Voice Supreme is a fully-managed, least-cost routing via GSM SIM termination – for cellular, local and national calls.
  • Cristal Vox delivers both outbound and inbound voice traffic at much lower rates than traditional providers
  • Allowing you to retain your current ShareCall (0860) numbers and save up to 60% on inbound call charges, SmartShare from Vox brings you a managed service
  • Still tethered to your expensive landline handset? Walk free, and talk cheap with Vox’s Supafone
  • Vobi SIP Account users benefit from reduced call rates across all networks, including international destinations.
  • Wholesale Voice provides carrier-grade voice offerings that are scalable, affordable and of excellent quality.


Vox’s Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system solutions will enable you to collaborate, and work smarter in and out of the office. From open source to proprietary, comprehensive to conveniently simple – the global and locally-developed tools are perfectly catered for the South African market. Plus, with flexible financing and pay-per-user models, your PBX implementation with Vox will be bottom-line friendly.


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